Resources for Students

Department of Motor Vehicle Important Links/Resources

There are multiple links for the resources that the Department of Motor Vehicles provides to the public.

We recommend to review links that are relevant to you as it will help you save time and headaches.

Resources for License Holders
  • Follow the link below to take the 6 hour course that can help you reduce insurance costs or if you have points help them get reduced by 4 points.  To reduce the cost further enter the following code to get a reduced price of $29.  LRDSsafe
Click here for 6 Hour Online Course
Frequently Asked Questions
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Resources for Driving Instructors

30 Hour Driving Instructor Safety Course

This course is for instructors who need to fulfill their 30 hour course to maintain their instructor card.

Instructor 6 Hour Course

This course is for individuals looking to be 6 hour instructors. After meeting the requirements you will be able to teach the 6 hour course.