Choose What Fits Your Needs

Top Rated Driving School

Driving lessons that make a difference

  • Driving lessons are offered 7 days a week to meet your schedule needs
  • We offer not only 45 minute lessons but also 60 minute lessons for students who want just a bit more practice in one lesson
  • Our cars are equipped with video recording

5 Hour Pre-license course that isn’t boring

  • Modern comfortable size classroom
  • Activities to keep you engaged
  • Free Road Test Evaluation form handed out during class

Road Test Services to fit your needs

  • We offer faster road test appointments for students who are in a rush and are ready
  • Student who book and use our car for the road test receive a road test site tip sheet
  • Reminders of upcoming road test appointments

6 Hour On-line Course

  • This course helps you reduce your insurance by 10% and reduce points by 4
  • Enter code LRDSSafe to receive course for $29

Learn-Rite Driving School

To make our students safer more confident drivers on the road. The safe way is the learn-rite way.

What you get

  • Great Instructors
  • Modern Facilities
  • Interactive Courses in classroom
  • Dual brake equipped vehicles
  • 24/7 Account access and your schedule
  • We offer 45 minute and 60 minute lessons
  • Lessons available 7 days a week
  • In-car video recording of lessons